First Response

Your first response to any situation, issue or event is to breathe.  Before you react, before your judge, before you even think, breathe. Take a deep breath is not just a catch phrase we tell others when they are upset, it is the master key to connection and command. When you take a deep breath you make a connection to your center, your emotional body and your nervous system all in one fluid move.  When you take a conscious deep breath and give that breath your full attention, you integrate your mind, body and awareness. You make whole what was fragmented. Being whole is essential to being powerful.

First response is a mantra I repeat to my self all the time. As I say the words “first response” I take a deep breath and focus my full attention on what my breath feels like as well as what I am feeling physically and emotionally.  Every time I do this I realign my energies and strengthen my integrity. Every time I do this I take conscious command of my energy and my actions. Every time I do this I exercise my power of conscious choice instead of unconscious reaction.

Taking the deep breath is your preparation before you launch your energy and intention into action. It is also the first of  the "
Four connections" 1. breath 2. center  3. ground and 4. space.  Taking the deep breath gives you a moment to pause and check in with your command center before you attack. It gives you a moment to asses your feelings and your needs (the need to center yourself) before you respond to the issue at hand. That little pause is a huge shift in focus and energy. In the time it takes you to take one deep breath you can detach and let go of your fear of control, and shift your focus to connection and command. This is a paradigm shift from feeling powerless to being powerful, this is a shift from conditioned reaction to conscious command. In the space of one breath you can enter the neutral space of infinite possibility. From neutral you are free to see reality as it is, you are also free to choose from a limitless number of potential paths. The path you choose determines your future, all in one breath.